CABIN 5,66m x 6,3m

 4,500.00 inc. VAT

Your car will thank you for the shed Kilimanjaro. The massive, gable-roofed structure with an extended roof will not just better protect your vehicle. You’ll have a place to park your bikes, lawn mowers, store firewood or other items that you do not have enough space for in the house. This structure has a wide range of application – tell us what your need and we will help you.

  • FREE bituminous roofing tiles
Price: 4,500
Area m²: 35.66 m²
Terrace m²: 35.66 m²
Dimensions: 5.66 m x 6.3 m
Roof thickness: 37,84 m²
Column thickness: 180 mm x 180 mm
Rafter thickness: 65 mm x 140 mm, 120 mm x 260 mm