CABIN 6,3m x 5,9m

 3,870.00 inc. VAT

Everest is a shed for even two cars. One side of the structure is higher, so that you can park even a minibus without problems. This sturdy car shed will stand perfectly near the building wall and in the open space. Everest not only performs its function perfectly, but with its unique design, it will become a decoration of your environment.

  • FREE bituminous roofing tiles
Price: 3,870
Area m²: 37.17 m²
Terrace m²: 37.17 m²
Dimensions: 6.3 m x 5.9 m
Roof thickness: 40,83 m²
Column thickness: 180 mm x 180 mm
Rafter thickness: 55 mm x 90 mm, 120 mm x 260 mm