Contemporary Log Cabin
CABIN 4m x 3m

 4,500.00 inc. VAT

This small wooden house “Claret” leaves a great impression looking from the outside as well as from
the inside. Small, cozy, but also roomy – it is what every garden owner needs.
A house for leisure – to read a magazine or a book, or even to simply relax with a cup of tea surrounded
by loved ones.
You can cook delicious meals right there in the kitchen, while chatting to your friends and family.
We will be happy to see you smiling when you buy “Claret”.
Inside the house enjoy the scent of wood and an interior design of natural wooden structures.
Wall thickness 28 mm.

  • FREE bituminous roofing tiles
  • FREE living type windows & doors (24mm insulated glass units filled with argon gas)
Price: 4,500
Area m²: 12 m²
Terrace m²: 4,5 m²
Rooms: 1
Floors: 1
Dimensions: 4 m x 3 m
Height: 2600 mm
Wall height: 2125 mm
Wall thickness: 28 mm
Floor thickness: 20 mm
Roof thickness: 20 mm
Door sizes: 1x 1600 mm x 2000 mm

Price guide:

Plumbing €1,000 – €2,500
Heating €1,000 – €5,500
Sewage & water mains €1,500 – €3,000
Kitchen €1,000 – €5,000