Wooden house
CABIN 18.4m x 9.5m

 86,800.00 inc. VAT

The modern layout of the building includes not only bedrooms and a spacious living room, but also a sauna, a hygiene room, a pantry and a wardrobe. You can have a nice time here, keep things in order and enjoy the health benefits of sauna bathing! The house is perfect for both holidays and permanent living without any worries, and its exceptional appearance will never make you bored.
Wall thickness 120 mm.

4 Bedroom (Living/kitchen area, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom)

  • FREE bituminous roofing tiles
  • FREE damp proof membrane
  • FREE living type windows & doors (24mm insulated glass units filled with argon gas)
Price: 86,800
Area m²: 144.9 m²
Terrace m²: 151.5 m²
Rooms: 5
Floors: 1
Dimensions: 18.4 m x 9.5 m
Height: 4093 mm
Wall height: 2730 mm
Wall thickness: 120 mm
Floor thickness: 28 mm
Window sizes: 6x single sash , 8x double sash
Door sizes: 13x single sash

Price guide:

Plumbing €1,000 – €2,500
Heating €1,000 – €5,500
Sewage & water mains €1,500 – €3,000
Kitchen €1,000 – €5,000
Bathroom €1,500 – €5,000