The hectic pace of life, constant tension and stress requires a place, where one can relax and rest comfortably. Our goal is to provide our customers with the comfort they deserve. Our specialists, architects gained experience by analysing homes in India, Tibet, Nepal, Dubai, European countries and the United States. We are ready to share our experience with you and provide you with the best home planning solutions by adapting them to your specific needs. Their goal is to analyse and provide you with the best and most comfortable home in a sense of a planned solution, which are suitable not only for relaxation and living for the healthy ones, but also for the people with disabilities.

Innovation and ecology

By updating the information on the website periodically, we will do our best to provide you with the following choices: homes of various façade expression, types of construction. Adapting of new technologies in the home environment, new technologies, solutions for movement or health disorders.

Feng Shui

A long-term experience in home designing and the studying of world home plans confirms, that shape and plans, interior details influence the people’s comfort, behaviour, aspirations and proves that the Eastern “Feng Shui” philosophy is truly effective. When visiting the homes of wealthy and successful clients, we have assessed how they are successfully taking advantage of the “Feng Shui” philosophy. We wish to share this experience with you, so that the layout of your home and the things in your home would help create a successful relationship, well-being and abundance, health and career. We will help you achieve the harmony in your home, which would influence your lifetime goals.

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